Greek Things 4-Week Dialogue

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Part I
Things in a Funk

Part II
God Image, Greek Image

Part III
A Tarnished Image

Part IV
Bride Gone Wild

Part V
Divorce is Not an Option

Part VI
Pursued From Heaven

Part VII
Pretending and Accepting

Restoring The Image

Fairy Tale Ending

Part X
Your Story Within The Story



Part VI

Pursued From Heaven

Instead of pouting.

Instead of waiting for the Israelites to come back.

Instead of waiting for them to get their act together.

God pursues his bride from heaven.

He comes down from the highest of heaven to the lowest of earth in the form of man. This man was Jesus - a divine person wrapped in flesh.

This may seem like crazy talk, but its true. This distinguishes Christianity from every other world religion. Every other religion is about us trying to get to God. It is about us trying to be good enough for God. Religion is like a pyramid and God is at the top - so everyone is climbing over each other to get there.

Christianity is the opposite.  

It is about God coming down the ladder and pursuing us.

It's like Hosea being told to pursue his unfaithful wife even though she didn't deserve it.

Not only does Jesus pursue us, but he publicly shows his love everywhere he goes. He heals us. He teaches us. He eats with us. He serves us. He goes through the same things we do - temptation, suffering, joy, etc. This is because he laid aside some of his divine privileges to experience life the way we experience life. Now, when we pray, we can be sure that he understands every ounce of joy and pain we experience, because he too has gone through it.

He is infinitely greater than us in a divine sense, but infinitely close to us in a human sense.

Jesus pursued the Israelites, his bride, to be with them in the flesh.

But Jesus also came for another reason. And this reason leads us to the climax of the story.


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