Greek Things 4-Week Dialogue

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Part I
Things in a Funk

Part II
God Image, Greek Image

Part III
A Tarnished Image

Part IV
Bride Gone Wild

Part V
Divorce is Not an Option

Part VI
Pursued From Heaven

Part VII
Pretending and Accepting

Restoring The Image

Fairy Tale Ending

Part X
Your Story Within The Story



Part X

Your Story Within The Story

It has been said that 20% of people do 80% of the work.

This is probably true in your fraternity or sorority. And this is also true within Christianity.

Most Greeks live lives without purpose, without direction, and without motivation. And the ones who are motivated are often motivated for the wrong reasons.

Whether you are currently unmotivated or motivated for selfish reasons, I'm writing to tell you that everyone has been given the chance to participate in the story. Everyone has the ability to reflect the image of God in a way that no one else has been able to do since the beginning of time.

In every story there are protagonists, antagonists, and background characters. God has designed you to be a protagonist - a main character with a special, specific, unique role to play in the story. You have the ability to change the world.

But sadly, the world can't be changed when most of the image bearers are sitting on the sidelines or flirting with the antagonist.

Our first ancestors flirted with the antagonist and lost. And so have you.

In ancient times, God's people made idols like golden calves and worshiped them. Today, we are no different. We make televisions and watch them all day long. We even arrange all our furniture in the living room to face this idol!

We have idols, just in a different way.

Some of these idols aren't so easily recognizable. Idols such as ourselves. We spend hours in the mirror, we spend hours getting good grades, we spend hours working for a promotion at work, we spend hours trying to climb the leadership ladder in our Greek Houses, we spend hours trying to impress girls or guys at parties, and so on. We do anything and everything to elevate our status. We become our own idol.

We work really hard at becoming important. And in doing so, we lose our significance.

We become background characters.

When we work at creating an image for ourselves apart from the image of God, we get shoved further and further into insignificance.

Whatever you may call yourself - Christian, atheist, agnostic, spiritual, etc. - I urge you today to leave behind your story to be a part of a bigger, better story.

I invite you to leave behind a half-story Christianity, which says that only professional Christians have significance and worth.

I invite you to be a main character in the story of making all things as they are supposed to be - in your heart, in your fraternity or sorority, and in the world.

I invite you to be in relationship with God and committed to him, for without his rescue of you, the restoration of things would not be possible. What good is it for you to change the world by rescuing it from corruption when you yourself are not rescued from corruption?

I invite you to go and invite your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters into the story so that they will be able to leave a legacy with you.

As you recruit and teach others how to bring heaven to earth, to make things straight, to make things as they are supposed to be, the image of God will shine through you, becoming untarnished and radiant for all to see.

You will start to become the person you were designed to be and will find yourself one step closer to experiencing life as it was originally meant to be experienced.

And when the Father says it is time, Jesus will come back to get us, his bride.


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