Greek Things 4-Week Dialogue

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Part I
Things in a Funk

Part II
God Image, Greek Image

Part III
A Tarnished Image

Part IV
Bride Gone Wild

Part V
Divorce is Not an Option

Part VI
Pursued From Heaven

Part VII
Pretending and Accepting

Restoring The Image

Fairy Tale Ending

Part X
Your Story Within The Story



Part III

A Tarnished Image

Our ancestral parents were given the opportunity to either radiate the image of God or tarnish the image of God. They had the ability to hallow the image of God or hollow the image of God. Because of their failed experiment, they did the latter.

They experimented with life apart from God. Temptation and deception came a knocking and got the best of them. They submitted or gave in to the deceiver, who took the truth and twisted it.

God said, "You shall not eat of the fruit of the tree... lest you die." But the deceiver said, "You will not surely die. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God...." Sounded pretty good. And so they ate.

Disobedience. Rebellion. Experimentation. Missing the mark of perfection. These all fall under the umbrella of sin.

And we've inherited it from our parents.

Just as the HIV virus is a physically transmitted disease, which leads to physical death, sin is a spiritually transmitted disease, which leads to spiritual death.

Want more good news?

Because we were given dominion over the entire world since the beginning, not only have we fallen, but the whole cosmos (which is under our care) has fallen. You won't find very many environmentalists arguing with this truth.   

Fraternities and sororities are not excluded from fallenness - which means that Greek things are messed up. Let's take a brief moment to ponder the mess we've gotten ourselves into. So why are Greek things the way they are now?

Let's look at one brief example - hazing.

The World Wars may have played a small part in the evolution of hazing.

"World War I, the depression of the 1930's, and World War II were periods of crisis which the fraternities weathered gallantly but which nevertheless helped mold them into a changed institution... Many left to fight... It is estimated that 325,000 fraternity men and women were in uniform. When World War II ended, the fraternity situation changed almost overnight from a famine to a feast. Men flocked back to their campuses not only to resume their studies, but to enjoy college life and particularly fraternity life. Contrary to all the predictions of poorly informed columnists, these men, matured by the war wanted the joys and satisfaction that came with collegiate brotherhood, and so flocked into chapter houses. Many who couldn't afford college before, now could because of the GI bill - which took care of a lot of expenses." (Baird's Manual of American College Fraternities)

It is amazing to see how many fraternity and sorority members made the sacrifice to go over and serve. And it sounds like many military men and women, who weren't previously connected to Greek Life, did so after returning from the war.

Whereas fraternities and sororities were once known as highly academic, the GI Bill allowed a soldier of any academic level to enter college and join a fraternity or sorority. Thus, the environments changed dramatically overnight.

With the return of the soldiers, it may be possible that a more military-like discipline entered into Greek Life. And it is also possible that over the years we could have twisted this practice of discipline into something negative, which was originally intended for good. Whatever reasons there are for the cause and evolution of hazing, all we know now is that we are in a hard place - trying to gain respect and get our image back.

Things are messed up. Things meaning the world. Things meaning you.

If we, the image tarnishers, can't undo the mess, what is God going to do about it? How is he going to produce a solution for us - the problem?


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