Greek Things 4-Week Dialogue

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Part I
Things in a Funk

Part II
God Image, Greek Image

Part III
A Tarnished Image

Part IV
Bride Gone Wild

Part V
Divorce is Not an Option

Part VI
Pursued From Heaven

Part VII
Pretending and Accepting

Restoring The Image

Fairy Tale Ending

Part X
Your Story Within The Story



Part II

God Image, Greek Image

In the beginning...

God, a fairy tale type of author, flexed his creativity and brought about something out of nothing. He created a world full of beauty and order. In the midst of all this, he created the most beautiful thing of all - us.

We are God's masterpiece.

His image on earth.

This makes us significant. This makes us valuable. The God of the Universe decided to display his attributes, his character, his personality, his beauty, through us. We radiate his image here on earth.

The first image bearers, our ancestral parents, had the good life. They roamed around naked because that was the thing to do. No shame. No worries. They were living it up in the garden.

In the garden, things were as they were supposed to be.

Then God gave them a big goal to accomplish. Fill the whole earth with more image bearers. And then, these image bearers would make the rest of the earth like the garden so that God's image would be increasingly revealed in every person and thing on the planet.   

In the beginning of Greek Life, the goal was very similar.  

The founders of our organizations wanted to make something out of nothing. They created an image that was to be spread across the country and influence the world.

Where there was a lack of community, they created community. Where there was a lack of service, they created service. Where there was a lack of mature leaders, they produced mature leaders for the world. They wanted to make a normal man into a man of honor. They wanted to make a normal woman into a woman of dignity.

But something went terribly wrong.

How did we go from that to what we have now? How did we go from honor and dignity to hazing and alcoholism? How did the campus administration, who used to serve as mentors to the Greek system, suddenly become pessimistic toward the Greek system?

I think we can all agree that the original image has been tarnished.

Like our first ancestors, we have dropped the ball. We experimented and the experiment went bad.


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